Art of crystal cutting and design innovation

Every day we see lots of creative designs in fashion, interior and architecture, all forms of art, even food .. Its fascinating to see clever design approach and innovative imagination. This time we picked particularly interesting for us, women, subject of admiration: crystal! Actually with its captivating beauty and mastery of light, crystal becomes a material to which everyone finds themselves drawn!

Take a look at Atelier Swarowski who are the ultimate expression of the Swarowski brand. Following its debut home collection , which was launched recently , Atelier Swarowski presents new collections of covetable table-top objects, home accessories and gifts, created in collaboration with design visionaries from across the globe.


Creation of dazzling designs for single stem vases and bowls

We love their home accessories for showing the beauty of crystal through both fluidity and architecture

Here is a Zaha Hadid’s Crista – an dramatic centerpiece rendered in Swarovski crystal and cast 24 carat gold plated metal. The impressive size and reach is a testament to Hadid’s architectural skill and prowess.

Crista is a homage to the process of crystallization found in nature and the beauty of crystalline structures coalescing into new forms. Zaha Hadid’s signature play with bold silhouettes is evident in the Centerpiece’s expressive branches

Impressed by this bottle holder by Tord Boontje, delicate decor.. It achieves the perfect balance of function and beauty

The first Atelier Swarovski Home collection went on sale from 2017 on the dedicated website as well as through a number of selected stores. The prices of these luxury design pieces range from €150 to €20,000.